• AEGIS brings together the data, the network and the technologies to create a curated, semantically enhanced, interlinked and multilingual repository for “Public Safety and Personal Security”-related Big Data.
  • AEGIS introduces new business models through an open ecosystem of data innovation, leveraging sharing economy principles.
  • AEGIS enables the data value chain created around the “Public Safety and Personal Security” linked sectors to provide better and more personalized services to its users / customers.

Latest News

2nd AEGIS Video

  The AEGIS project creates an open ecosystem of innovation and data-sharing over multiple sectors for public safety and security. In the second AEGIS video you can see how the developed platform orchestrates dataflows to exploit semantic technologies... READ MORE

AEGIS at the Big-Data.AI Summit

The Big Data AI Summit (https://www.big-data.ai/), organized by BITKOM, is Europe’s leading summit for artificial intelligence and big data. More than 8,000 visitors experienced the Big-Data.AI Summit 2019 on April 10th and 11th... READ MORE